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Tel: 07964 290933

Loss & Anxiety Coaching

Dulcie James

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“I always feel relaxed

 and safe with Dulcie”

Positive support group

For sufferers of
anxiety & Stress

You are not alone
 4th Wednesday of the month

7.00pm - 8.30pm


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“Dulcie’s gentle and insightful coaching has a way of getting to the heart of the problem..”

“Dulcie aided me on a personal journey….

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“You have given me my confidence back..”

“I'm delighted that Dulcie was there to support me!”


“I felt held back by issues from my past

and had unhelpful beliefs”

I came to see Dulcie because I felt unhappy and wanted to get more enjoyment out of my life. I felt held back by issues from my past and had unhelpful beliefs. Dulcie helped me to gain a new perspective on past events and stop them dominating my thinking. I learned how my thoughts directly influence my feelings and behaviours, which Dulcie taught me some powerful tools to help me control my thinking. Together we explored my values leading me towards a more fulfilled life.

“I really feel happy and settled in a way

I have never been before!”

Thank you for all your help and guidance over the last few months. I really feel happy and settled in a way I have never been before. I enjoyed your approach and felt safe and really listened to. The voices that were negative towards me have disappeared and I feel free to pursue what I think is important in my life.

“With grateful thanks for the transformation

you have brought about in my life!”

Mrs B                                                                                   Mrs B

My name is Dulcie James, I am based near Cirencester, Gloucestershire. I can help you make sense of your world better, giving you more choice and improved communication skills to understand yourself and others better. I hold the following certificates:

Master NLP Practitioner

Diploma in Eating Disorder Practitioner

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Have you suffered a loss? Is your heart broken?

I am now a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, for more details please click here

I  have personally experienced life's ups and downs in many aspects and understand all the emotions that we have to go through. I have been described as a very caring and nurturing person, who is empathetic and understanding, a warm and cosy armchair! I know instinctively what someone needs and help them find their answers with gentle guidance.

As a resourceful person  offering down to earth simple and practical solutions, who will find answers to any problem. My positive and enthusiastic disposition is contagious and with my sense of fun you can’t help but feel uplifted. My aim for you is simple, to allow you time in a safe environment to take you through the grieving process, with anxiety issues, towards a healing journey or help you find a new direction and solution for your life.

You are not alone

FIRST  & SECOND Wednesday of the month
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change your life!

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